Perfect in Water!

WATER  You Talking About?


We all know the largest percentage of our body is made up of water right? Then it comes as no surprise that doctors recommend drinking 8-10 glasses a day. Let’s be honest, how many of us reach that quota? Most of us probably fall very short, for good reason. Plain water is just that……PLAIN!


Our family owned business offers you a healthy alternative to hum-drum boring water. Adding 5-10 drops of Stevia Select stevia flavors to your bottled water, seltzer water, carbonated water, or Soda Stream™, provides numerous flavor options that are healthy & taste amazing! Stevia Select uses premium ingredients that are all natural and chemical free. We believe drinking water should be adventurous & exciting, not a daily chore.

So what makes us different?


Most brands of stevia liquid include “natural flavors” which can be far from natural and include a broad range of questionable ingredients (all aproved by the FDA ha ha). At Stevia Select, we believe in keeping ingredients real. This is why we use true extracts of fruits, vegetables, and plants to create honest flavors the way nature intended it to be.

We DON’T add:

We DO add:

Propylene Glycol

Refined Sugar

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial colors/dyes


Artificial preservatives



Real extracts from sweet fruit, succulent plants, and ripe vegetables.

Premium stevia with no bitter after taste. Just pure sweet goodness!

Lots of love goes into EVERY bottle.  From our family to yours.

The tiniest amount of potasium sorbate (less than 2%-keep in mind how minuscule this is when adding 5 drops) is used to make our flavors ready to go anywhere. No need for refrigeration with these gems.Keep one at the office, carry another in your purse, and have a back up at the gym for after workouts. Keeping a stevia flavor on hand, will prevent you from indulging in unhealthier options (think about the unnecessary calories you can save at Starbucks™ by avoiding the heavy flavored syrups).

*Potassium sorbate is a safe natural preservative, widely used in everyday foods like cheese and wine. It has the same toxicity as table salt, which we eat daily.

100% satisfaction guarantee! If Stevia Select does not exceed your expectations, we don’t want you to keep it.

Pretty awesome, huh?


Before we stop bragging about our premium Stevia flavors, we have to mention a few more things you’ll find interesting.

Did You Know:

  1. Our research and development team tell us that 9 out 0f 10 customers find Stevia Select stevia flavors have exceeded their expectations. We think that speaks loud and clear!
  2. Propylene Glycol is a synthetic substance used in car antifreeze, but also found in name brand water enhancers, to prevent “cloudy” looking water and to prevent separation (I guess shaking a tiny bottle proved to be a difficult task).
  3. Our Eco-Friendly Glass is the ONLY truly safe container. Don’t be fooled, even BPA free plastic emits toxic chemicals into the product its holding.
  4. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily promotes: weight loss, strengthens immune system, flushes out toxins, improves energy, speeds up metabolism, boosts your mood, and increases the elasticity in skin for a more youthful appearance. WOW! Enough said.
  5. Our glass bottles have passed a 4ft. drop test, on a hard tile surface, without breaking! (Yes, they are that durable!) So don’t be timid. Throw our Stevia flavors in your backpack, toss them in the gym tote, keep one in the picnic basket, and don’t forget the next camping trip!

8 top reasons to buy Stevia Select flavors for water:

Save money and stop buying expensive bottled water, vitamin water, or stevia carbonated soda. Help reduce landfill too!

It is completely safe for pregnant moms, dieters, diabetes patients, kids, teenagers, and athletes.

ABSOLUTELY, NO sugar, NO fat, NO carbohydrates, and NO calories!

Convenient to take to the gym, restaurant, office, or school.

You're supporting a family based USA business.

Authentic taste mimics fresh infused water with fruit.

Break the soda or juice habit with these natural extracts of real flavors sweetened with great tasting Stevia.

Get that great feeling of, “I did something good for my body” by drinking more water today!

Meet The Stars

Dark Chocolate


Passionate about chocolate?….silly question right. Made with real extracts of ground cocoa powder and blended perfectly with our amazing stevia, this stevia chocolate takes sugar-free, no calorie, no-fat indulgences to a whole new level!

Mix 12 drops of Stevia Select dark chocolate into 8-10 oz. of water. Thrown in a few mint leaves and let sit for several hours. Stir, then enjoy a refreshing mint chocolate drink!

Chocolate Raspberry


Love the delicate tone of raspberries covered in smooth dark chocolate but hate the calories? Stop the madness and dive into our Dark Chocolate Raspberry stevia drops. Live once – Live large!



A well loved classic flavor that stand the test of time. We suggest adding this beauty to carbonated water for an “old-Fashioned” cream soda experience!

Root Beer


Raise your frosted mug and make a toast to old friends, good times, and delicious Root Beer! Try a guilt-free soda that will take you back to the good-ol’ days. Add 10 drops to your seltzer and get ready to WOW!



Do you find yourself humming a little tune….”Put de lime in de coconut and drink it all up”? Chances are your sipping on Stevia Select coconut flavor added to your favorite beverage. The aroma of tropical coconuts is almost as good as a trip to the Bahamas.We did say almost.



Bursting with lots of pucker power, our lemon stevia will have you begging for another squeeze. Each bottle is packed with juicy lemon taste that adds pizzazz to everything it encounters. Get ready to Zippity Do Da all the day!



Watch out for this bold raspberry that’s on a mission to invade your water glass, tea cup, and yogurt bowl! Aggressive red raspberry tang squeezed into every bottle. *DISCLAIMER: None of the rage found in our berries has entered the product. No worries!



Like filling your glass with hundreds of fresh ground hazelnuts, is the experience you’ll get with Stevia Select hazelnut flavor. Our perfectly balanced blend of aromatic hazelnuts and succulent sweet stevia will fill the air with every bottle opened. ( To die for when added to Greek Unsweetened yogurt! )



Dare to live on the edge with our “red hot” cinnamon stevia! This bold flavor is not for the wimpy mouth individual looking for bland and ordinary. NO WAY! Just a few drops in water (or tea) will make your taste buds feel alive again. Cinnamon stevia is all season friendly – not just for Fall!

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