Here are the most commonly asked questions regarding our stevia products. If your question is not answered here, please contact us.

Where is your stevia grown & processed?

Stevia Select is a family owned business and we are passionate about bringing you the most premium stevia products that taste absolutely amazing!

Our stevia is grown under strict supervision, in the plush lands of China. It is certified to be 100% pure, organic, kosher, and non-gmo! You can rest assured that every bottle of Stevia Select powder undergoes many rigorous tests and must meet our highest standards in purity, molecular analysis, and must pass every certification that we claim. Stevia Select promises to uphold the highest standard of excellence that you have come to trust through the years. We are very confident in what we have to offer and serve it to our family & friends!

Our family thanks you for supporting our strong USA business and look forward to serving you the best stevia for years to come. Thank you!


Yes, we certify our stevia to be organic and of the higest quality. Absolutely no pesticides, chemicals, or foreign substance is used on these plants. In addition, we certify our stevia powder is non-gmo.

Are your products Kosher?

Our pure stevia powder is certified Kosher. The liquid flavors are not. However, Stevia Select products are never manufactured with dairy or meat products.

How is your powder extracted?

We gently soak the leaves in water and alcohol to extract the best flavors of the sweet leaf. Tests have been done to prove that adding alcohol to the water (during the soaking process) extracts the best flavor without adding the bitterness. This is why we do not use water only. Furthermore, after many rinses, there is no alcohol residual left on the powder. You are left with only the cleanest tasting, non-bitter stevia available!

What percentage of Reb-A is in your powder?

With lots of media hype about Reb-A 98% or higher being the best, Stevia Select offers a different perspective. New research has shown that any stevia Reb-A over 70% is highly processed and can be unhealthy. Stevia Select premium powder has a minimum of 60% Reb-A. However, we have a truly unique formula that includes Reb-C. There are 4 glycosides in a stevia leaf and Reb-C is the most sought after and rarest element. Its taste is so pure and sweet, with absolutely no-bitterness. Our stevia formula is a rare combination of Reb-A and Reb-C.

Is your stevia powder pure or are there fillers added?

Our stevia is 100% pure guaranteed. We have nothing added. No fillers or additives!

How much stevia powder do I use to replace sugar?

As a rule, 1/2 teaspoon of Stevia Select pure powder equals 1/2 Cup white sugar.  A smidgen scoop, included, is equal to 1 teaspoon sugar.

Can I bake with stevia?

YES! All of our stevia products are heat stable and do not lose their flavor when baked no higher than 400 degress. This means you can add any Stevia Select product to muffins, cakes , puddings, or cookies for a sugar-free fruit flavor treat. Our stevia powder, flavors, or plain liquid stevia, is excellent to use as a sugar replacement in any recipe.

Do your products require refrigeration?

The stevia flavors have a shelf life of 3 years. Do not keep in direct sunlight or store in excessive heat. This will diminish the flavors. Although they will keep, refrigeration is suggested if you will store for more than 1 year. This will keep the taste at optimum levels.

Our stevia natural liquid sweetener does not require refrigeration. However, follow the same guidelines as the stevia flavors.

The water enhancers do not have any preservatives to prolong shelf life. This is why we ask you enjoy them within 30 days after opening.  If you plan to have them for longer, we do ask you refrigerate to preserve freshness.

Do you have alcohol in any of the stevia liquids?

No! All our stevia is Alcohol free! In addition, there is no glycerin.

Is there caffeine in the Dark Chocolate stevia?

Technically yes. However, the amount is so small it is basically nonexistent.

What is my Amazon Reviewer name?

Your Amazon reviewer name IS NOT always the name on your Amazon account (however it can be). You can find your Amazon reviewer name by looking at any reviews you have left in the past. It will be located directly under the title and stars showing how many ‘starts’ an item received. You can also locate your reviewer name in your amazon account settings. You have the option to choose a ‘pen’ name such as, “bookworm” or “doglover”. If you have any questions you can contact us.

How do I leave a Review on Amazon?

Chances are you have reviewed a product on Amazon before. If not, rest assured its easy to do. If you purchased an item off amazon, simply log into yur amazon account. Click ‘orders’ and find the product to be reviewed. There will be on option on the left side asking if you want to write a customer review. Click this option and follow the prompts.

Do you offer Wholesale prices?

We are happy to offer wholesale prices for large families, small business, or just for getting discounted prices. Contact us with the quantity you are looking to buy and which product you want.

What are your natural flavors made of?

Our natural flavors are made from the sweetest and tastiest part of real fruit, plants, or vegetables.

Why do you sell in glass bottles?

Glass is still the safest bottle to store consumable products in. They will never release any toxins or chemicals into the product, unlike plastic. Even PBA plastic has been shown to release some chemicals. In addition, plastic can leak and be a mess! We have never had any complaints of leaks form our glass bottles.

Is your glass breakable?

Our glass is extremely durable and has been drop tested from 4 feet onto a tile surface without breaking! Nonetheless, it can break.

I am a diabetic. Will stevia raise my glucose levels?

Stevia will not raise blood glucose levels and is considered safe for diabetics. However, studies have shown that consuming stevia may lower blood glucose levels and this should be taken into consideration. Please monitor your stats.

What is "potassium Sorbate" and why do you add it to your products?

Potassium Sorbate prevents bacterial and fungal growth in liquids. Research shows it’s considered harmless in moderation. This means no more than 25mg per 2.21lbs or 1kg of body weight. For a person of average weight  (154lbs or 70kg), this would be around 1750mg per day. Stevia Select liquids contain less than 2% potassium Sorbate. This safe ingredient keeps are products good for consumption up to 3 years, without refrigeration, making it the perfect travel companion.

How does your guarantee work?

All Stevia Select products come with a satisfaction, 100% money back guarantee! This is a very rare offer that you won’t see from other companies. Our family understands that stevia can vary in taste and we take the risk out of trying Stevia Select. Your satisfaction is our priority and you can contact an Amazon representative for a refund. If you purchased off our website, please email within 30 days of your purchase. Buyer is responsible for returning items used/or not and incurs any return shipping fees.

Do you offer FREE samples?

Yes. We do offer samples of Stevia Select pure powder. We know how difficult it can be to find a great tasting powder. Please send us your name & mailing address if you would like to receive a small sample. Sorry, but our liquid stevia is not available in a small sample size. However, you can order any Stevia Select product at NO-RISK with our 100% satisfaction guarantee (see guarantee page).

Where is the FREE gift that came with my purchase?

We created 2 unique E-Books to compliment your purchases. The first bonus gift E-book comes with any purchase of Stevia Select powder, plain stevia liquid or stevia flavors. It is our guide to baking with stevia. The 2nd E-Book comes with your purchase of Any Honest H2O water enhancer. It will inspire you to eat healthier by sharing the top 10 healthiest foods and ways to add them to your diet. The FREE gifts are sent to the inbox that’s associated with your account on Amazon or our website, depending on where you purchase from. You can expect to receive them approx. 7 days after your product has shipped. If you don’t, please contact us.
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