At Stevia Select, our mission is to offer the health conscience, diabetic individual with limited options, and those on a weight reduction plan, a way to eat right and love what they eat.

We’ve all heard the statement, “If it tastes good, it must be bad (for you)”. Stevia Select believes there’s nothing farther from the truth and we created delicious tasting stevia products to prove it! Thus our slogan, “Healthy Meets tasty”, was created. We actually came up with this because we were constantly receiving messages from customers who said, “I’ve tried stevia before but yours is REALLY good!”

Stevia Select was birthed in 2013, during the height of economic crisis and personal despair. Our family was already in need of a financial miracle and then, to make things worse, my husband lost his job. It was at this low point that we decided to do something we were passionate about and start our own business selling something we loved: stevia. I know it was hard for our families to watch us pour everything (as well as borrow more) into our new business. However, we had made up our mind to market the best tasting stevia products, in a highly competitive category.

Stevia Select began by selling 4 products on Amazon, stevia powder, liquid stevia, dark chocolate and chocolate raspberry. It was a slow start but the emails began to pour in from customers who told us we had a better tasting product than anything they had tried before.

Since those humble beginnings, Stevia Select has blossomed to become a trusted brand in the stevia industry. We currently sell 11 products on Amazon and offer those same quality products on our website. In addition, our website now offers international shopping to our customers around the globe. For U.S. customers, we will soon be expanding to well-known retail stores to make it easy to buy in your home town.

So what makes Stevia Select unique?

There are 4 main reasons that we are different than any other Stevia company:

Stevia Select offers only the best tasting stevia around. It is certified Organic, Kosher, and NON-GMO! You can trust Stevia Select for the purist & cleanest stevia available. It's what we enjoy at our table.....from our family to yours, with love.

Our family decided from the start, that we wanted to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. For us at Stevia Select, it means we read every review you leave on Amazon and also comment on it. Your emails get answers within 24 hours (typically much less, unless it’s a Holiday or weekend). We send you information with every purchase, including tips on getting the most from the item. To sum it all up, we stay involved every step of the way!

Every Stevia Select product is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You simply don’t find this policy anywhere else. So go ahead, try something new....its RISK-FREE!

Stevia Select makes our premium stevia flavors with real extracts from the flavor source. Our dark chocolate stevia is made with superior cocoa powder and our vanilla is flavored from real extracts of the vanilla bean. Typically, you will find ``natural flavors`` on the labels of competing brands. ``Natural Flavors`` can be defined in numerous ways and many are unhealthy and contain shady ingredients. Stevia Select only uses premium extracts for the most authentic taste you can find in a stevia flavor.

Try Stevia Select today and discover the place where “Healthy Meets Tasty”!


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